Edro lll

The Sierra Leone-flagged EDRO III ran aground off Pegeia on 8 Dec 2011, after experiencing engine problems in heavy sea conditions, during a voyage bound for Rhodes with a cargo of plasterboard and which has not been recovered or salvaged for unclear legal reasons thus far. The EDRO III is 80 meters in length and weighs about 2,300 tons. According to the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association (CMEPA), the ship has been emptied of all cargo, fuel and oils and rests on the shallow rocks at a 12 degree angle. Climbing on the ship is not permitted as it is dangerous. Although not a true wreck dive, as one cannot enter the wreck, a dive around the site provides a fantastic alternate view of the ship, great sea life, rock formations and a mysterious hunt for the various anchors keeping the vessel grounded, the furthest of which lies at around 26 meters.

Depth 2 – 26m