Constandis and Lady Thetis double wreck

Constandis was a fishing vessel; purposely sunk as a recreational dive site in Limassol Bay, Cyprus. A bottom trawler, she was built in the Soviet Union in 1989 her Russian name being Zolotets. She was registered in Cyprus in the late 1990s and then operated in eastern Mediterranean.

Lady Thetis was a Cypriot passenger ship also purposely sunk in Limassol bay around 200m from the Constandis. Originally named Reiher, she was employed as a coastal passenger vessel having been assembled in Hamburg in 1953 and was registered in Cyprus in 1990.

Both vessels were deliberately sunk just off Limassol front in February 2014. The Constandis sits in around 24 metres of water and has the fishing motors, net reels and pylons on the outside as well as empty cabins, engineering rooms and even dismantled engines viewable on the inside. The Lady Thetis lies in approximately 18 meters of water. Due to the way the wreck hit the seabed at the time of sinking the bow has dug into the seafloor therefore one can achieve a depth greater than that of the seabed inside the lower portions of the ship. Usually a double dive, one per wreck, the Limassol wrecks are great playgrounds for experienced and progressing divers alike. With easy, well lit, penetration options for divers who are a little more adventurous, there is also an abundance of sea life and established ecosystem.

Depth 18 – 24m