Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving

Whether your first or your hundredth dive on a wreck, few moments in diving compare with descending on the past. Diving through 9 metres, 12 metres, 15 metres, and finally 18 metres of azure blue water, you see her lying there like a wounded bird.

Diving on wrecks appeals to most divers, though for many different reasons.

You may find yourself attracted to the challenge of exploring the wreck, or a fascination with its historical nature. Underwater photographers love wrecks for their picture potential, while those interested in nature like the fact that wrecks quickly become artificial reefs.

Zenobia Wreck

Zenobia Wreck - Kembali DivingThe Zenobia Wreck, just a short 15min boat trip from Larnaca Marina, is an amazing dive. Widely regarded as one of the World’s top 10 wreck dive sites. It provides the PADI OWSD with an excellent stage to progress with the  PADI Adventures in Diving program, for The Advanced diver to participate in Speciality Training (and certification) or just to enjoy 2 spectacular wreck dives. The dive boat, an old London fire tender, is comfortable, well equipped and is ideal as a diving platform. The friendly, co-operative crew provide complementary fruit and refreshments onboard and lunch, usually a BBQ, is all included in the activity price.

MS Zenobia - Kembali DivingLearn about the last days of the ship

The Zenobia, a roll-on roll-off ferry, was built in 1979 by Kockums in Malmo, Sweden. A Swiss registered vessel, she had set off from Malmo on her maiden journey on May 4th 1980, bound for Syria, carrying 104 lorries all loaded with cargo. The cargo was destined for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern markets. MS Zenobia entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Gibraltar Strait on May 22nd 1980 and sailed to Keraklion, Crete. After 2 days moored there she departed for Port Piraeus, Greece… more

Vera K Wreck - Kembali DivingVera K Wreck

Depth: 11m

This favoured afternoon dive is 25 minutes from Paphos harbour. The Vera K was a Lebanese freighter that ran aground in 1972 and was blown up as a hazard to shipping in 1974. It is still in four main sections and the bridge is fairly intact. It lies completely submerged in a crater at 11m. Close to the wreck there is an archway and a series of narrow tunnels suitable for experienced divers.

White Star Wreck - Kembali DiningWhite Star Wreck

Depth: 14m

The white star sunk on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol.

During her last voyage, some of the temporary repair made to allow her to float till Limassol, failed, changing her fate from an inform mass of scrap metal to a new dive attraction for divers.

The White Star, lies now in 14-18 m of water, just a 10 minutes out of Paphos harbour, on a rocky bottom.

Since the first day she sunk she has attracted marine life from breams to grouper, and soon will host quite a bit of marine life in her ample loading bays.

Three Stars Wreck

Depth: 7m

The Three Stars vessel caught fire and ran aground back in 1972. It is partly submerged in only 7 metres of water and very safe to enter in several parts. A very interesting exploratory wreck dive for all levels.