Pissouri Dive Area

Pissouri Area Dives

Not only can you rejuvenate yourself by diving the rock of Aphrodite (Petra Tou Romiou ), with the acquisition of our new boat we can now share and offer the most spectacular reef of Cyprus. ‘JUBILEE SHOALS’. Launching from Malanda and with just a short walk to the restaurant, relax, take in the sun and watch that surface interval fly by. Immediate to this area are the waters of Episkopi Bay and Akrotiri, we are privileged to be able to offer exclusive access to these sites.

Pissouri Bay - Kembali DivingPissouri Bay

Depth: 3-6m

Pissouri Bay, we have exclusive use of the two luxurious hotels, Columbia Beach Hotel and the Columbia Beach Resort. Situated to the west of the Bay you will you find a beautiful shallow site, with crystal clear waters, rocky topography and Eel grass this site has more to offer then it appears. Yes we have Turtles, often seen feeding on the grass and moving gently through the water making this the ideal site to experience scuba for the very first time.

Aphrodites Rock - Kembali Diving

Aphrodites Rock

Depth: 3-8m

One of our more gentle dive sites, but how many people can say they’ve  actually done it!

Ideal for all abilities, It offers open areas of sand for refreshing your skills, many outcrops of rocks with cracks and fissures offering an ideal habitat for marine life.

Groupers, octopus, wrasse, Comber and Rays are often seen gliding along the sandy bottom. Another great site for a night dive, offering plenty of bottom time in a safe environment with Squid very often making a visit.

Boat Dives - Kembali DivingJubilee Shoals

Depth: 16-55m

A large offshore reef with many dive sites. This reef has something for everyone! Its seaward edge forming the spectacular walls.

The landward side forms a eel grass slope with all manner of small rock formations. It has several large caves to explore with large pinnacles, a suitable platform to watch the marine life go by. Amidst the reef lies an aircraft wreck (Canberra B2).

There is an abundance of large fish, shoaling large Amberjacks, Tuna, Grouper, with Crayfish and Spiny Lobster and many more species.

This reef truly comes to life at night!

Fish Reserve

Depth: 9m

This dive site as its name suggests, is a fish reserve near Akrotiri which offers amazing interaction with local marine life. A very shallow dive suitable for all divers. You can hand feed groupers, moray eels, bream and bass. Many octopus are also to be found.

Shark’s Cove

Depth: 12m

Don’t Panic! It used to be called Fisherman’s Cove and sharks, fortunately, have never been seen here. This is a spectacular cove on the Akrotiri Peninsula with a submerged tunnel which starts and ends the dive. The dive takes you along a cliff face before circling a rocky reef bottom.

Three Stars Wreck

Depth: 7m

The Three Stars vessel caught fire and ran aground back in 1972. It is partly submerged in only 7 metres of water and very safe to enter in several parts. A very interesting exploratory wreck dive for all levels.

Twin Rocks

Depth: 21m

These are two large rocks protruding out of the sea from a depth of 21m. A blow hole can be found on the eastern rock. There are also caves and a lot of interesting marine life to be found in the surrounding area.