Paphos Dive Area

Paphos Area Dives

A historic town with plenty to see both above and below the water line.

With Numerous sites on offer this area compliments towards our multi-dive diver packages. With interesting features and a multitude of swim throughs and gullies, making for an unforgettable adventure.

Cynthiana - Kembali DivingCynthiana

Depth: 12m

From the Cynthiana hotel near Kissonerga village, this 12m dive site offers plenty of small holes, gullies and overhangs to explore. Easy access makes it a pleasure for all divers and it is a good alternative dive site for training.

Amphorae Caves - Kembali DivingAmphorae Caves

Depth: 12m

A renowned afternoon dive in depths up to 12m. There are a number of caves to explore, including the one with the amphorae encrusted roof. The American team of archaeologists who investigated this site believe that this was created by movements in the sea bed over the last two thousand years.

Bubbles -Kembali DivingBubbles

Depth: 7m

A rock bottom seabed with large holes in the floor leading to a series of interconnecting caverns and overhangs. Called ‘Bubbles’ because of the divers’ air filtering through the rocks. With a maximum depth of 9m there is plenty of time to enjoy this site and its marine life.

Church Bay - Kembali DivingChurch Bay

Depth: 5m

A fantastic and varied dive site, full if swim throughs and beautiful formations, with canyons, gullies and over hangs. Plenty of marine life including damsel fish, cleaver wrasse, trumpet fish and a few resident grouper. Enter from the shore to a mainly sandy bottom with a large cavern to explore on the far side of the bay.