Latchi and Akamas Dive Area

Latchi & Akamas Area Dives

Latchi is a beautiful little village on the north coast of Cyprus. An hour and a half drive from Pissouri. Within the Akamas Peninsular this beautiful area offers spectacular dive and snorkelling sites with breath taking views from the boat.

Explore a sunken harbour and view broken amphora from Roman and Hellenistic times. Suitable for all levels of diver and provides superb platforms for training dives with depths from 5 – 35 metres.

With crystal clear waters it also makes the perfect spot to practice or enhance your snorkelling skills with professional advice freely on hand.

As we return to port we cruise close to the coast line giving you the opportunity to take those memorable post card photo’s. Then to end the day a fish lunch at the local restaurant. A truly fantastic day for all.


Depth: 8-50m

Although in places more a steep drop-off than a true wall, it is still a spectacular dive. The sea bed rises up a slope of eel grass, stones and boulders and shallows out which is ideal for your safety stop before you surface.

With a coalition of Grouper, clouds of Damsel fish, Branded and Saddled Bream, Morays, octopus, Wrasse, Nudibranchs, Barracuda, Turtles and the occasional Dolphin.

Fontana Amorosa - Kembali DivingFontana Amorosa

Depth: 7-15m

Walk into Fontana Amorosa and explore the sunken harbour complete with broken amphora from Roman and Hellenistic times. With crystal clear visibility, allowing divers to meander their way around numerous hills and valleys littered with ancient encrusted amphora.

Alan's Bay - Kembali DivingAlan’s Bay

Depth: 6-12m

Entry couldn’t be simpler! Don your equipment from the truck and just five steps later your feet get wet! The first wall which takes us North East and heading out the bay has plenty to see, with a ledge set high remember to look up! From there with a short crossing we find the next wall. Here with large boulders, gullies and plenty of fish we slowly find ourselves working our way back to the bay.

White River - Kembali DivingWhite River

Depth: 15m

The ‘white river’ is a dive site just into the Akamas Peninsula. It is a small cove which gives access to this very interesting maze of gullies.

Blue Lagoon

Depth: 4-10m

A stunning picture postcard bay with golden sands and azure waters, cool and tempting, ideal for beginners, children and a gentle snorkel.

Blue Lagoon Cyprus - Kembali Diving