Coral Bay Dive Area

Coral Bay Area Dives

To the west of Paphos. This area host of two of our favoured sites, Amphitheatre and Pistol Bay. These sites offer the diver depths of around 18m and make an ideal site for the recently qualified Open Water Diver. This in turn provides many geological features with ‘swim-through’ opportunities where we find the spectacular ‘Bubble Cave’ coated in red calciferous algae.

Pistol BayPistol Bay - Kembali Diving

Depth: 10-18m

Pistol Bay is another site full of caves to explore.

One large cavern has a hole in the floor leading to another cavern with a large exit. For the very experienced diver there is a system of tunnels over 80m long.

Amphitheatre - Kembali DivingAmphitheatre

Depth: 12m

A site to the north of Coral Bay with reasonably good access. The fascinating feature of this dive is what appears to be an Amphitheatre at 9m which is actually a geological feature. Watch the waves crash above you offering a fantastic light show. Swim along a 8m wall and explore the various overhangs this site has to offer . Look out for octopus , moray eel’s , grouper and trumpet fish.

Manijin Isle 01Manijin Isle

Depth: 9m

A very popular dive, the Manijin Isle is actually just a rock small enough to dive around on a multilevel dive.  There are many interesting features en route – a drop-off, archway, blow hole and caves, one of which is covered spectacularly with pink and purple calciferous algae.

Seal Snout 01 - Kembali DivingSeal Snout

Depth: 12m

Located overlooking St Georges island this shore dive offers a little added excitement. Start the dive from a partially submerged cavern and exit under water. This beautiful dive offers caverns, swim-throughs and plenty of marine life.