Ocean Diver

BSAC’s Ocean Diver (OD) is a first step in learning to Scuba dive. Over a series of classroom lessons, sheltered water skill sessions & Open Water dives, you will be progressively taught the core scuba skills. On signup, you will receive an OD Training Pack which includes a Student Workbook & Qualification Record Book for recording progress through OD training, qualification and beyond. You must be comfortable swimming 200m and be medically fit.
Your instructor will introduce the underwater skills one at a time and allow you the time to become familiar with them to a level where they become second nature. Expanding your theoretical knowledge and ongoing skill development and assessment takes place throughout your OD underwater training until you are ready for the open water phase. As the name suggests, you will dive a body of water that is open to the elements designed to develop your diving skills, enhance confidence and build experience at your own pace of depth in different diving conditions and specific diving environments.
Upon course completion, you are invited to 3 months of free BSAC Membership and now as a qualified BSAC OD you can, with a qualified dive buddy, dive to a maximum depth of 20m. There is then the opportunity to join a local BSAC Dive Club to continue the adventure and move on to the next step, BSAC Sports Diver.