Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver Course (AOWSD)

The AOWSD course develops confidence and builds on skills learnt in the OWSD course. A great way to get more dives under your belt whilst discovering a diverse range of diving activities while learning honing new skills and diving deeper. Under the supervision of your PADI Instructor, this course qualifies you to 30m, develops buoyancy and navigation skills, and introduces you to the spectacular Zenobia Wreck and a night dive. The Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives are mandatory but the learning experience is more relaxed than that of the OWSD course with no theory test just a lot of fun and adventure.

Five Adventure dives over 2 days and 1 evening earns the PADI AOWSD certification. Adventure dives include: Night diving; Wreck diving; Peak performance buoyancy; Search and recovery; Underwater photography; AWARE Fish identification. We, however, recommend and usually utilise the Zenobia ship wreck, (a world top 10 wreck dive site) for the AOWSD course and, therefore, follow a profile in preparation for the wreck: Peak performance buoyancy; Underwater Navigation; Night; Deep; Wreck.

The AOWSD program sets the foundation for additional training in PADI Specialities and further into the leadership level programs such as PADI Rescue Diver & PADI Divemaster.