Advanced Open Water

The AOWSD course builds confidence and refreshes & shapes basics learnt in the OWSD course. A great way to develop experience and accumulate logged dives whilst introducing and discovering new diving activities, honing new skills and diving deeper. The learning experience is more relaxed than that of the OWSD course with no classroom or testing, just a lot of diving.
Under the supervision of your PADI Instructor this course qualifies you to 30 meters, develops your buoyancy and navigation skills further, introduces you to deep & wreck diving on the excellent diving platform which is the spectacular Zenobia Wreck and the uniqueness of a night dive earning you 5 more dives for your logbook.
But more than this, the AOWSD course encourages you to dive with other qualified divers all enjoying the freedom diving offers in a safe, interesting and social setting all enjoying a shared passion.