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About Kembali Diving

Kembali diving Ltd was established in Pissouri Village & Pissouri Bay Resort, Cyprus in January 2010. Initially a modest, family run enterprise, Kembali Diving has grown and continues to introduce Scuba Diving courses to complete beginners and a range of diving activities (boat dives and shore dives) to the qualified diver, encouraging diver knowledge & skill development. We offer a full range of PADI specialist courses and the opportunity for divers to progress to Dive Master or Assistant Instructor level. Our divers come from “all walks of life”; they include holiday makers to Cyprus, UK military personnel located close to Pissouri and Pissouri Bay as well as the local populous, expatriate communities and their families.

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Kembali Diving can always be contacted the numbers below but please remember that when we are diving we may not be able to answer but mail any questions you might have either directly to the address below or by using the form to the left.

Kembali Diving
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